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Dive into the Deep: Freediving unleashes your underwater wings!

Embark on the breathtaking journey of freediving, where the underwater realm unfolds between every breath, captivating the souls of the adventurers. Whether you’re dipping your toes or dancing with the depths, embracing a freediving course at any tier promises a trove of benefits. From refining your skills to ensuring safety and amplifying the sheer joy of this mesmerizing pursuit, the journey begins with a single breath and unfolds into a sea of endless possibilities.

FreeDive Camp

Explore the Freedive Camp at Pura Vida Divehouse!

Join us for a unique freediving experience in Sagres, where sunset meets freediver certification!

What you get

  • Complete Freediver training.
  • 5-night stay at our DiveHouse.
  • Enjoy delicious breakfasts and the Sunset dinner certification.
  • Yoga and group dynamics activities.
  • SSI international certification included for levels 1 to 3 Freediver.
  • Activity insurance
  • Shared accommodation (max.4pax/room)
  • Fully equipped charming cozy home
  • Confined water modules
  • Open water dives
  • Instructor full-time assistance (resident instructor)
  • Full diving gear rental
  • Tea, coffee and snacks
  • Digital study manual and interactive App
  • Dive Log App
  • Internacional SSI Certification
  • Diploma
  • Diving Insurance
  • Transportation for classes and dives

Our instructor

Mario Carvalho, drawn to the ocean from a young age, found his passion for freediving after discovering its freedom and fluidity of movement. With over 20 years of spearfishing experience in the Azores, mainland Portugal, and the UK, he holds a deep knowledge of marine life and habitats. Now coaching in Vila Nova de Milfontes and Sagres, Mario is an Underwater Sports Coach and Freediving Instructor certified by AIDA and SSI. He aims to share his love for freediving and the underwater world, welcoming all who seek to explore its depths.

Book now

Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into an underwater paradise while becoming a certified freediver! Book now and join the adventure at Pura Vida Divehouse.

May: 19th to 25th
June: 2nd to 8th / 23rd to 29th
September: 15th to 21st
October: 13th to 19th