About Pura Vida

The Instructor

Cristóvão “Cris” Catarino, Scuba diving since 1995, surfer and ocean addicted from a very young age. Soon he realizes that he needs to share his love for the sea, he leaves Portugal to get qualified as a PADI, SSI Scuba diving Instructor in the Caribbean in 1999. He has lived, worked and explored for several years in Latin America. Fully dedicated to the recreational diving industry on some of the most popular dive sites and resorts in the world, he has gained a vast knowledge and very high standard on teaching people how to scuba. After a long journey, full of ocean adventures and some spiritual experiences with a strict practice of Yoga, he is ready to come back to the "Land´s End", Sagres, grandparents beach house, where originaly, at childhood, he learned all the secrets of the local reefs with a mask and snorkel, building a deep connection with the ocean.  Settled in Sagres 2006, he becomes a proud father and in order to share his long years of Yoga practice with others, he get´s qualified as Yoga teacher and starts classes for local people.

As an ocean lover,  sailing experiences also have been  part of the journey...Now he is the captain of his own sail boat! Go a board and check out the beautiful classic boat!

In 2013 feeling the need to bring it all together in one place, PuraVida Divehouse project is born, to welcome everyone with the same love for Life and the for the Ocean.

"I´ll be looking forward to share underwater secrets with you, peace and bubbles...." Cris

Come and visit!

We know we are at the 'End of the World'...but it's really easy to get here!

If you need directions or any help to get here, send us a message! We will be happy to help =)