Pura Vida Outdoor Centre

Our Base is located in Sagres in PuraVida Divehouse. Sagres is a historical village surrounded by the Natural Park of Costa Vicentina, an ideal place for many outdoor activities, such as Kayaking, mountain biking, trekking, snorkeling, rockclimbing, horseback riding birdwatching, surfing, windsurfing and scubadiving.

Along the Natural Park there is a blend of Mediterranic, Atlantic and North African Vegetation. There are some 750 species, where 100 are endemic, rare or local; 12 do not exist anywhere else in the world, some are considered to be vulnerable and other are protected by European Union.

The birds are some of the main players of this area! Here they find an important migration platform between North Africa and Europe.

The natural diversity of the bottom and the confluence of distinct water masses – Mediterranic, Atlantic and tropical Atlantic – as well as the upwelling of the deep water currents, are a major contribution for the presence of the high level of biodiversity. Little islands, bays and capes are excellent habitats for shelter, feeding, growing and reproduction of many marine species.

PuraVida Outdoor Center will take you to discover the wonders of Lands End, the closest Sun Set from continental Europe, in sustainable and environmentally friendly ways.

Discover Snorkeling

Discover Snorkeling

Discover the curious habitants of the shallow reef on a guided tour, after a briefing on Snorkeling skills and marine life.

Duration: 2 hours

Minimum Age: N/A

No previous experience required.

Includes Full Equipment, Insurance and Guide



Kayak Tour

Paddle along the magnificent cliffs, over the shallow reef on clear water, visit coves and grottos, park the Kayak on a deserted and go Snorkeling.

Duration: 3 hours

Minimum Age: N/A

No previous experience required

Includes Equipment, Insurance and Guide



Bicycle Tour

Cycle into the breathtaking scenery in the Natural Park of Costa Vicentina and visit historical places at Land´s End.

Duration: 3 hours

Minimum Age: N/A

Includes Full Equipment, Insurance and Guide



Surf Safari Pura Vida Divehouse

Surf Safaris

If you are an experienced surfer and you want to find the best daily surf spots with a local guide we´ll give you a ride!


Share with your friends! Price per transportation up to 8 people, surf equipment not included




Full Day


6 day package


Bicycle €10.00

Skateboard €5.00

Skimboard €5.00

Bodyboard €10.00

Snorkel equipment €10.00

Equipment Rental

Rent our gear and explore the SW, with the aid of your detailed information and orientation maps.

Prices per day.

Uplifting the True Self

The Yoga and Reiki sessions are held by our host, the schedule can be arranged according to your needs.

Special packages can be organized for groups, upon request.

Activities Yoga


Offer your body, mind and soul that extra sense of wellness

Duration: 1 ½ hour


Yoga class


Private lesson


Activities Reiki


Immerse yourself in bath of loving and healing power

Duration: 1 hour